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About Tunisia

The small nation of Tunisia (located in the middle of the North African coast – whose Mediterranean shoreline faces Sicily and Sardinia) has a rich history which goes back to the Phoenicians, who first settled there in the 12th century BC. Out of that migration from what’s now Lebanon, the civilization of Carthage was eventually […]


Antonine Baths

Antonine Baths (Amilcar, Carthage) — Located on the seaside at the north-eastern corner of ancient Carthage, the Antonine Baths today retain very little of their former splendor. Of the largest bath complex in the African provinces and the third largest bath complex in the Roman world, measuring about 35,000 sq. meters, only remnants of the […]


Central Park Mall

Central Park Mall (Rue Mokhtar Attia/Rue Jean Jaurès, Tunis) – this is a three-level shopping center with various retailers (such as Mango, Puma, Motivi, and others), a food court, and a supermarket.


Jamaïca Club

Jamaïca Club (El Hana International, 49 Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Tunis) — this rooftop bar (on the 10th floor of the Hana Hotel) is popular with both locals and expats, since it provides a great view of the city (including the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul, La Goulette Road, and Avenue de Carthage, […]


Acropolium of Carthage

Acropolium of Carthage (Colline de Byrsa, Carthage) — a.k.a. Saint Louis Cathedral, is an old Roman Catholic cathedral located in Carthage (outskirts of Tunis). The cathedral, proximate to ancient Punic and Roman ruins, was built in 1890 (the early years that Tunisia was a French protectorate). The cathedral was named after France’s King Louis IX, […]


Camel Rides

Camel Rides — known to the Arabs as “The Ship of the Desert”, camels are the ultimate way to explore the Tunisian Sahara, riding on the camel, you slip into the rhythm of the desert. Visitors rise at dawn and rest in the full heat of the early afternoon. In the evening, participants in camel […]